3D scanning: Spectrum can document an accident scene or involved vehicle, using drones or laser scanners. Whatever sort of collision you're dealing with, our experienced staff is able to conduct a complete analysis. Examining a vehicle's lug nuts may reveal that its wheels were under- or over-torqued. A lamp examination can help to determine where the driver's first point of perception was. Even if a unit was destroyed by fire, evidence might still be available. The faster the response, the more easily crucial questions can be answered. Any motorcycle investigation requires a thorough examination of the tires, brakes, drive train, and gear box. Spectrum can investigate cases involving various types of vehicles, keeping in mind the special considerations each demands. In addition to any exterior examination, Spectrum can also complete an interior assessment. Ambient lighting conditions play a key role in any nighttime scene study.


pectrum Consultants Group has been providing accident reconstruction services to its clients since 1984. Our experts have more than 150-years of combined traffic accident and collision analysis experience. We have investigated, analyzed, and reconstructed thousands of motor vehicle collisions and presented our findings in judicial systems throughout the country.

Spectrum enjoys an outstanding reputation for our accident reconstruction services. Though our main operations are based in the mid-Atlantic, we provide our services throughout the United States.

We have also authored Commcercial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Investigation, a textbook on accident reconstruction published by Lawyers and Judges Publishing. Find out more about us...



Our services cover everything from automobiles and commercial vehicles to motorcycles and pedestrians and bicycles. We have experience in dealing with cases involving brake failure, nighttime visibility issues, and fire causation. We offer insurance fraud analysis, crush analysis, and ECM download and interpretation. See a full list of our services.



Our parent company, the Center for Training and Investigations, Inc., provides training beyond the classroom, providing its students with hands-on experience. Our training programs are available on a national and international level in the fields of lamp examination, occupant kinetics, night-time collisions, and many others. See a full list of our programs.



Reconstructing commercial vehicle accidents is a complex area of study. Our book, Commercial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Investigation, aims to serve as a reference manual that identifies the proper techniques which should be used in order to correctly assess commercial accidents. Find out more about our book.

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