Comerrcial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction


hat happens when a small car in front of a commercial vehicle slams on its brakes? Reconstructing commercial vehicle accidents is a complex area of study. Mistakes are frequently made in determining a vehicle's engine speed, loading condition, and ability to brake efficiently.

Our textbook aims to identify the proper techniques a traffic collision specialist should use in order to correctly assess a commercial vehicle accident scene. We discuss in detail the ways commercial vehicles are unique in their operation, performance, and regulations.

Chapters are dedicated to the differing operating systems of these vehicles, including their electrical systems, tires, steering, and suspension. We also discuss the human factor, what it is and how it is involved with commercial vehicle operation and accidents.

If you are interested in investigating commercial vehicle accidents, or even if you are already investigating them but would like a better understanding of the issues involved, this book will prove to be a valuable tool.

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