pectrum's parent company, the Center for Law Enforcement Education, provides a series of crash investigation training courses which can be conducted locally or at a host site at any location.

The courses shown to the right are courses we can offer immediately. We are actively working with other organizations to provide additional specialty courses in the areas of, amongst others, homeland security, undercover operations, and computer forensics.

Our training courses are academically structured to meet the unique time allocations for our target audience and are currently scheduled for daily presentation from 8:00 AM to 5:00 P.M., in a 50-minute instructional block, with a one-hour lunch period.

SCG enjoys an outstanding reputation for both our crash reconstruction services and our training courses and workshops. SCG staff members have many years of experience with organizations like the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Institute for Law-Enforcement Education Program and the State System of Higher Education. Most of our instructors were recruited under these programs.

SCG has investigated and reconstructed thousands of traffic accidents and presented expert testimony at all levels of the judicial system, both for the plaintiff and defense, in criminal and civil proceedings.

SCG's instructional staff members have also conducted extensive research in various aspects of crash investigation/reconstruction to further quantify associated investigative issues. In addition, SCG staff members have assisted and conducted training courses for numerous government agencies with their collision investigation cases and highway safety projects.

SCG members have developed or written several training programs and manuals to accompany the training courses and workshops, including Commercial Vehicle Accident & Investigation, a textbook published by Lawyers and Judges Publishing.


  • Basic Level Collision Training, commonly referred to as On-Scene Homicide by Motor Vehicle (two-week program)
  • Advanced Level Collision Training (two-week program)
  • Collision Reconstruction Training ( two week program)
  • Pedestrian & Bicycle Analysis (one to five day program)
  • Emergency Vehicle Issues and Analysis (one or two day program)
  • Commercial Vehicle Accident Investigation & Reconstruction (course subject matter varies, call for details)
  • Commercial Vehicle & Operator DOT Requirements
  • Motorcycle Collision Analysis (one to five day program)
  • Lamp Examination Analysis (one to two day program)
  • Nighttime Collision Analysis (one to three day program)
  • Conservation of Linear Momentum (one to three day program)
  • Time & Distance Studies (one or two day program)
  • Human Factors and Reactions
  • Laser and Scale Diagramming
  • Vehicle Restraint Systems
  • Vehicle Computer Analysis

Rick Varner

Commercial Vehicle Specialist
Dennis McGee

Collision Specialist
Rick Pollino

Forensic Mechanic
John Beegle

Collision Specialist
Jeff White

Forensic Mechanic
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