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We have been providing accident reconstruction services to our clients since 1984. We have investigated, analyzed, and reconstructed thousands of motor vehicle collisions and presented our findings in judicial systems throughout the country.


We're called Spectrum for a reason

We offer a wide range of services and are prepared to handle any manner of collision investigation. We are one of the few groups in the United States able to image data from most all types of heavy vehicle engines, including Volvo/Mack.

HVEDR & EDR Imaging

We image and analyze crash data from the entire range of heavy vehicle engines: CAT, Cummins, Detroit, International / Navistar, Mercedes, Paccar, and Volvo / Mack, along with most passenger vehicles.

3D Forensic Scan

Short of being on-scene or in front of a vehicle itself each time you need to reference it, a digital 3D scan gives as complete a picture as possible.

Drone Survey

A flyover scene survey allows us to create a map for documentation, illustration, and measurement. 


Motorcycle reconstruction requires a specialist who understands precisely how a motorcycle behaves at the hands of its rider, based on years of first-hand riding experience.

Vehicle exam

Our thorough vehicle exams can help determine if any mechanical or component features were contributory to an accident.

Nighttime Visibility

Factors of minimal importance in a daytime collision, like headlights, require in a nighttime study the utmost consideration.


Pedestrian accidents typically involve a serious or fatal injury. In these cases the physical evidence and pedstrian dyanmics are two critical factors.

Paper Trail

Whether physical or digital, we will follow, review, and analyze driver qualifation files, drug testing documents, vehicle maintenance records, shipping documents and many others to build a complete picture.

Scene documentation & analysis

Using line of sight, geographical conditions, roadway design and physical evidence, we can provide a well-documented diagram for both our report and any courtroom exhibit

Lamp Study

With properly secured evidence, Spectrum can analyze whether the headlights, taillights, brake, and/or turn indicators were incandescent at the moment of impact.


Our specialists have many years' worth of experience in the law enforcement community and can ably interview potential witnesses and document their statements.


We have investigated many other types of incidents involving vehicle fires, emergency vehicles, ATVs, snowmobiles, horse-drawn buggies, sleds, farm machinery, and more. For specific inquiries, contact us.


Our customers

Though our main operations are based in the mid-Atlantic, we provide our services throughout the United States.

Law Offices

We serve attorneys who require investigation, analysis, and expert witness testimony.

Trucking Fleets

When an incident occurs, we're there to document the evidence in case an investigation is required down the road.


Our specialists have experience working with the insurance industry to determine an accident's true cause.


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